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Monday, 28 January 2013

Se7en - opening title

This is the opening sequence to the David Finchers Se7en. Even though this film is of the crime thriller genre, it will be useful to look at to help get an idea for my own opening sequence. This sequence establishes the genre by the use of sound, editing and the content of the shots.

In the content of the shots used we can see extraordinary things happening like the pictures of deformed people, the use of blades scrapping the skin of hands and the use of books with words being highlighted and crossed out, this could be showing us the theme of revenge or a series of murders to come which relates to the crime thriller genre. Also shows us the more psychological side of this thriller as it cuts between these shots focusing on small details such as words and images as not to give to much away to create an enigma. The music used is non- diegetic it is in the minor key and goes at a slow pass, it is very haunting and dark. The clicking noise sounds similar to a type writer and it also has a noise which sounds like something is being forced as it gives a screeching noise, this could be linked to torture. Also towards the end of this sequence we hear the words 'you got me closer to God' so this is telling us the the film is related to religion and this could be the antagonists inspiration for what he does. This helps to establish the genre as it sounds dark and mysterious which links to the thriller genre. We see only see the hands of the character is this sequence but just from what we see and of what these hands are associated with we learn that this person is the antagonist and that he will be involved in future events within this film.

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