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Friday, 25 January 2013

The Hangover - opening title

00:01  Warner Bros Pictures
00:17  Legendary Pictures
00:24  'Warner Bros. Pictures presents' (scene starts)
00:33  'in association with Legendary Pictures'
00:42  'a Green Hat Films production' (scene stops at 02:01)
02:03  Film Title - 'The Hangover'
02:06  Actors
02:38  casting by
02:41  costume design
02:44  music by
02:47  music supervised by
02:51  co-produced by
02:55  edited by
02:59  production designed by
03:01  director of photography
03:13  produced by
03:17  written by
03:21  directed by

Initially, we see the Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Pictures logos, this is placed at the start of the film so the audience know who owns the film. The director also smartly places his name at the end to make sure that the audience remember the person who made the film. The brief scene (which appears between 00:24 and 02:01) gives a suggestion what the movie is about. The first 15 seconds of the scene shows flowers, cake and a wedding dress, this instanly creates an impression that the wedding is linked to the main storyline.

The scene then gives a doubt to the audience about whether the wedding will actually take place. There are couple of indicators which suggest that it will not - the repetitive phone calls which are not answered and the fact they only have 5 hours to arrive at the wedding.

Furthermore, the audience also get to know why the film is called 'The Hangover', they are hangover after their bachelor party.

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