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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lord of War - opening title

00:16  Actor
00:28  Film title
00:34  Actors
01:13  Casting by
01:16  Music by
01:24  Costume designer
01:30  Edited by
01:34  Production designer
01:49  Director of photography
01:52  Executive producer
02:00  Co-producer
02:06  Executive producers
02:15  Executive producers
02:24  Producers
02:31  Producers
02:34  Produced by
02:50 Written and directed by

The opening sequence follows a bullet from the moment it is made to the moment it kills a young boy, it shows the life of a bullet. This creates an impression that one bullet can change the tide of battle. Additionally, the fact that the bullet case was first opened by a member of a military and then given to people who appear to be rebels  suggests betrayal in the military.  The suggestion from this is that the film is about finding the man who has betrayed his country.

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