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Monday, 18 March 2013

Common Rules of a Zombie Film

Most zombie movies do not have a set origin for what started the epidemic of the dead coming back to eat the living. Most will suggest that it was part of a governmental experiment, a satellite crash, or some strange type of sickness.
There is also the common idea that, "There is no more room in Hell," or that the End Days are upon us. This apocalyptic view is used more often then not as a suggestion. The viewer is left to wonder what caused this issue.
Physical Appearance
Zombies usually show a drawn pallor with varying degrees of decomposition. All walks of life are represented including some that could be considered as humorous.
The dead will feed on the living. Once a body has grown cold, the zombies will stop feeding on it.
Since the zombies have to relearn how to move, their movements are usually very jerky. For the most part, their movements are slow, and they can be easily outrun.
There are two ways to destroy a zombie. You either have to burn the body, or destroy the brain. The most common method is to shoot it in the head. Committing any other type of damage will cause the zombie to keep coming after you.
Racism is not present in zombie movies. No matter what races people are from, they are able to have issues with each other without ever bring up any kind of racist issue. All of the people do what they can to eliminate the problem, or to find safety without making race an issue.
Help Does Not Come Until the End
The main characters are left to fend for themselves until the bitter end when help finally arrives. When help does arrive, it is usually too late for most of the main characters as they have fallen to the zombies, or to mistakes.
The Z Word
Most zombie movies will not use the word, "zombie." This is something that was originally established by Romero, and has continued for the most part until today. There are some instances where someone will use the word, and then be corrected by someone else.
As stated before, there are instances when some of these rules are broken. That can add a new sense of horror since the viewer of the movie has already sat down expecting these certain rules to be followed. Twenty or thirty years from now, most of these rules will probably still apply.

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  1. Some interesting ideas. Are you going to stick to these conventions or try to make some of them your own in some way? Some film makers play around with the way in which their monsters can be destroyed, for example.. some films show vampires can be deswtroyed by sunlight while in others vampires can walk around outside in the daylight without a problem.