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Monday, 4 March 2013

Typical Horror Opening

The camera speed and technique will differ slightly, depending on the film. Generally the openings tend to be shot slowly, however when the film begins with action straight away, over the shoulder camera shots tend to be used to create hype and mystery.

The first establishing shot is often a long shot, used to establish the settings and location. Although, depending on the film again, close ups of a certain feature or object may be used to confuse the audience and increase the suspense and mystery. During the opening scene the majority of shots tend to be close ups, identifying characters and their roles, again this may differ in different films.

The colour schemes tend to consist of a low saturation, creating cold and unwelcoming environments using the contrast of deep red, connoting the danger the of which lies ahead creating suspense.

The music normally has a slow pace with the use of instruments like violins and piano to create a sinister feel and a sense of tension. However, some films use music completely opposite. Some often use loud, fast paced music, often reflecting on the genre.

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