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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Opening Sequence (Idea 2)

[Companies name and logos]

On a computer, on facebook
about to post
repetitive clicks
'page not available'

go downstairs
check the router
power cut

walk outside (daylight)
everyones' vanished
person in the distance, walking closer
walks faster (zoom in the person)

go back into the house
power back on, tv turns on
news channel - 'Dead Rise!'
'Make your way to this 'unit' for safety' (10 miles away from the current location)
{walking dead bangs on the door}

grabs backpack, with supplies
goes out through the back door
{black screen for 2secs}

park, walk towards the bench and sit down
walking dead appear from behind the bush
run up the slide
find a bomb
throw it
flashing of light
walking dead gone


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