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Friday, 26 April 2013

4. Who is the main target audience for your product?

To find out our target audience we first started talking to each other about what the genre of a our film would be. Then we did some research into successful horror films and saw that they were all over 12, apart from cartoon horror films. in the end we concluded that we should make the film a 12.

We managed to attract our target audience by doing many different things. we did not add any gore, this would have made families not take their children, also the age rating of the film would have been a 15. We used mild swearing but not often. this would make the families more convinced that it is just not another potty mount film. 
No sexual scenes or references were added, this would stop the age rating of the film from going up to 15.

Our survey results showed that 30% of people were age 0 to 16 and 45% 17 to 21. This made me think that we should keep the 12a rating in mind to keep this percentage of people coming to watch our film.
Only 56% of the people were male. this indicated that we should also keep the female audience in mind.
Over 70% did not like gore in horror films. This made me decide to have no gore at all in the film.

The opening sequence managed to keep the audiences attention and kept them on the edge of there seat. all of them wanted to know more and I even had a couple of people ask if we were going to make another one.

The main target audience for my product will be 12 year olds and over. This is because we have tried to keep the things that make films that are 15 and over out. this includes minimal or no gore.
I had to do further research to find what the target audience would be. This includes the audience research I did before.

I found out that the best age rating for a film for families to see is a 12a. This is because avatar is the highest grossing film on record at $2,782,275,172.

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